Our Team


Michael Young

Founder • (he/him)

Michael is a Junior at Los Altos High School in the Bay Area. Raised in an environment that encourages curiosity, he enjoys learning new things, whether it be computer science, Chinese philosophy, or even how to not underbake cookies. With The Science Kit, Michael hopes to plant the seeds of curiosity in our next generation of innovators. When not working on The Science Kit, Michael enjoys connecting with friends and family, cooking food, eating said food, watching YouTube, and reading webtoons.


Julia Seryakova

Logistics Director • (she/her)

Julia, a Junior at Los Altos High School, has always been passionate about math and science, and is very excited to share this passion by working with The Science Kit! Through her work for this organization, Julia hopes to make STEM opportunities more accessible to underrepresented communities and inspire the next generation of creative thinkers to participate more actively in STEM fields. Some of Julia’s hobbies include dancing, baking, learning languages, and going on long walks with her dog.